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I have completed the game (-Juicemancy) in Exploration and Challenge modes and have just arrived at the Tundra in Adventure mode. In Exploration, my first play through, I did explore more. I was almost obsessive about leaving no gaps in the map between my base and each objective. Each base was built as complete as possible with all workstations, pets, and plants available in that biome. I built a large farm and filled a nearby lake with fishing holes and boardwalks. I built up an impressive tombstone collection from stumbling across beasties too advanced for my weapons and armor. I really didn't use the data available on all of the critters to tailor my attacks, I just kept making bombs and dying until I learned the right way to dodge each one. I built every recipe at least once, even if it stayed in my inventory. All of my pets were raised to highest level. If I wanted something made from materials in a different biome (bombs/potions), I went back and gathered/built what I needed.

On the second time through I did a few things differently. I expected Challenge mode to be more difficult and I knew what resources I needed for my favorite bombs. My bases were smaller and maps looked identical to what I had in Adventure mode. I used more signs and only went where I needed to go for the quests. I carried workstations, pets, and resources with me when I changed biomes and only went back occasionally to forage. The most difficult part of Challenge mode for me was not keeping the different quest lines "in sync". Nothing worse than needing something you don't have the capability to build. I made better use of the data bank and kept making armor until I had what I wanted. Some of the battles actually seemed a little easier because I already knew how the boss would move.

This time through (Adventure mode) has probably been the most fun for me so far. The maps are very different and I like that I have to scout out good resource locations again. I find I'm taking more time to finesse the critters and bosses instead of just indiscriminately flinging whatever bombs are at hand. I'm not using as many signs this time. I like looking at the map for the right combination of features to determine where to start a resource run. And then you throw Juicemancy into the mix. Right now I'm busy playing with the juice. Maybe I'll have a better plan for how I want to use it when I tackle Insane mode next year sometime.


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Nice post! Now you just gotta work on the JUUUUUUUUIIIIIIICCCCEEE!

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