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Did I Forget How Device Attacks Work?

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I used attack devices like the flamethrower, blo-pipe, etc. for a short while when I started playing Crashlands. I thought I remembered them as useful distance attacks when I was running low on bombs.
I'm playing in the Savannah on Insane mode and thought I could use them to stay away from beasties and bosses. I thought I could just run around out of range and dart in to squeeze off a shot, then scoot back out again with the device remaining active and ready for the next shot (like bombs). BUT, NOO ... Flux takes off for a melee attack as soon as a device is used to attack something. I know this is insane mode but please tell me this is a change that I just missed and that I'm not losing the few relatively normal brain cells I have left.

I will blame it on ChemoBrain if I have to ......

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I think that it stays ready to activate only if you don't try to attack?
If you try to attack Flux goes back to normal attack mode (and then you have to re-select the correct item to use it).

Maybe they changed that but I don't see why they would?

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That's what I thought, too. But when I fired the flamethrower I took my hand completely off of the mouse to make sure I wasn't getting a stray click. Before the shot even gets to the target Flux switches weapons and charges. My first thought was that some event's code sequence got scrambled in the update. I wanted to test a pre-Juicemancy save but I don't have one anymore.

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That doesn't sound right. What interface are you using to play (touch, mouse, controller)?

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I've only noticed this on the laptop with the mouse, but I do a lot of resource gathering and syncing with the Androids.

EDIT: In case this makes a difference .... I just remembered that a controller was installed on this laptop in the past. I haven't used it at all recently, but the driver is probably still installed.

On Further Review (1/17): When a critter is targeted first from a distance Flux will take off with melee weapon in hand. If a bomb is selected while she is on the run, she will throw the bomb, switch back to weapon and continue running. Sooooo, in the case above, maybe targeting event is out of sequence?

1/19 - I will start a new topic when I finish gathering more info on incorrect quest status showing in log and map...just putting this here until then.

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