Damage mechanics/calculations seem off?

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So I'm fighting Bamlis in the bawg, which have 0% poison resist, 40% electric resist, and 20% ice resist. I have gadgets that deal 100% of my DPS as poison, electric, and ice damage respectively. I also have damage boosts from armor/trinkets that add to up about 96% poison power, 45% electric power, and 25% ice power.
However, I deal about 600 damage with the poison gadget, 1500 damage with electric gadget, and 2000 with the ice gadget. My DPS is 2000.
You'd think I should do the most damage with the poison (blo-dart) but it does the least. Can someone help me understand how damages are calculated?

Edit: so I look at the left side and it shows me the total poisoned damage over time to be about 4000, which makes sense now.
But what about the electric vs ice damage? Similar resist vs similar power, but electric does a lot less.

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It's usually an issue of damage application. What ice/electric gadgets are you using?

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