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hey there! I have finally managed to complete all the quests. Does anyone know if there is any way to reactivate bosses or similar after beating the game? All I can think of to do now is finish embiggening all my pets (already looking forward to hunting all those larvae...) and crafting the rest of the items I skipped.
What have you been up to post-Megagong?

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We have talked about finding a way to do summonable bosses after you beat them the first time... @BscotchShi probably has it on his "someday" list ;)

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Ooh, that would really be something! Give that Megagong some exercise...
Glad you're at least considering it. Looking forward to "that day" :geek:

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I suppose you can just make a really awesome base while collecting/crafting the leftover items!

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I spent a lot of time exploring the map to try to find the very best place to build a megabase. Do I want to have a tar pit moat? How large a tar pit can I find to build on? Or maybe the freezing waters of the Tundra would make a better moat? I couldn't decide so I ended up making several mega-sized bases all over the place, which definitely took a long time to farm up all the materials for. It was fun! I imagined one day long after Flux was dead, the creatures of Woanope would re-inhabit those bases and some new adventurer would crash land on the planet and have to fight through all those creatures to find the various treasures that Flux left behind...

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Make a megabase in space

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