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Hey Guys,

i did 2 playthroughs in the past, as juicemancy was'nt revealed. Afterwards, juicemancy came out. I tried it a little - but it was quite boring doing it in a fully completed game.

So 3 or 4 weeks ago crashlands was interesting for me again. I've started a new run through the game. I started marking the juice crystals till the beginning, that i can farm savanna if i wanded to (as you know they respawn every 6[?] hours). The target was to get some Elemental Damage + stats on my armor with the possibiltys of juicemancy.

Elemental Damage
There are 4 different elemental damages in the game - and i want to talk about my experiences with them.

I played on insane, because it's the most fun if it's harder - and it's the more worthwile to boost the damage with juicemancy. If you level up your armor to legendary and reroll all stats to + fire damage you can already get +344.52 % .(!)
Dont forget about the 2 trinkets which boost fire damage - another +50%. An epic blastcrab can boost the fire damage for the next +20 % (no screenshot, sorry).

I choosed the level 5 armor because it looked the most like fire. In another playthrough i got 5 or 6 londsdalite-armors - this was very anoying to search for the right one - so i solved it this way with 4 different armors. That's a very glass canon style, but how we say it in germany (maybe in english language also): attack is the best defense. If the enemys die fast, you don't need to care about survivability.

To solve this problem a little, I've reroled my Juicejockey Helm to some toughness and equipped it instead of the LVL 5 Helm of pyromania. Also i reroled my megagong this way. Speed is good for avoiding damage, crit chance is for damage (as you can imagine).

The stats this way were:

With this setup i've beaten nearly every boss in the game - without the blockstock of the tundra (which name i've forgotten) which is fire immune.

The Flamethrower is important for this tactic, because you don't need to melee enemys to hurt them, the Volatile Sacks from Gassaks are also great, but they drop rarely. Big Red is also great - but you'll get it in the tundra, flamethrower is Savannah. I'll maybe do another post about other elemental damages.

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This is a cool setup!

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I was full venom until near the end of the game (insane too). All the armor plus trinkets and pet. Then I started to have problems with bosses. I did another set of final armor and started trying different elemental sets and it was almost the same. At last I tried a full movement speed conf and that totally did it. Megagong with full crit chance, armor full Move speed, Wat pet, crit damage trinket, Move speed trinket, raquet, orb and thundercall. The rest of the slots aren't so important and you can choose from all available.

This setup is very good to dodge all and have time to go and beat the crap out of your enemies. Being one hitted by almost all the attacks of bosses/elites dodge is one of the best. With 635 deaths I have learnt it the hard way.

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I'm not a fan of movespeed on armor.

If you roll 1 stack of movespeed on every armor piece (1.75+1.5+0.75+1.0) you'll get 5 % cumulated. If you roll down every other stat without move speed you'll get +23.18 % movespeed. Which is nice, definitely - but you'll renounce on every else advantages you can get by armor - like + elemental damage or +elemantal resistance/toughness.

If you are ok with renouncing on 33 % of crit chance - and rolling the mega gong like me you'll get +20 % movespeed, too - and can go on elemental damage or defense also.

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