What is the best pet for damage?

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I think it is the Vomma,i tried others but they didn't do much.I wanted to ask anyway.

By the way,the game says that pets are at the same level as you,so does Powerful/Epic increase their damage?

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Powerful/epic does increase their damage! Pets have a base level that scales with the player, and creature size boosts the base level.

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I don't really care if a pet deals damage for me - i think the benefits of the pet (like X % Toughness) are the more important.

However I tested a little bit with a lyff. I thought he will benefit from + ice damage: but that's not the case.


The Damage Upgrade from Normal to Powerful is higher than from powerful to epic. If Flux attacks, she deals ca. 30 k damage with a crit hit.

A good Attack pattern in my opinion have:

  • Wompit
  • Wojack
  • Blastcrab
  • Slurb

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