Is there a command to make my pet stay in one place?

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Hi folks,

My son and I played Crashlands all the way up to the final (spoiler alert) Hewgo fight, and after a long time we've come back to it. We have a memory of being able to ask our pets to "stay" while out in the wilds; we even think we remember a fingers-together-and-up, palm-facing hand symbol in the interface. But we can't find any such symbol, so perhaps we're just confused.

Is there a way to ask your pet to sit tight for a bit, aside from putting him/her/it into a nest?

Please let me know,

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That was a button that used to exist, along with a few other pet commands. We got rid of them to make space for some other stuff, since they weren't needed most of the time. There may be leftover hotkeys, but otherwise there is no longer a way to have your pets "stay".

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Ah, so we aren't crazy! Thank you for confirming. :)

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