Glidipus are annoying...

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So I have beat the game in easy mode. (cause I like to expirience things before I challenge myself) And out of all the foes I faced... Glidipus are the most annoying and here's why:

-They can fly so they are hard to avoid a bit.
-Sometimes they come after you for no reason. (I went onto an
island to farm flatstone and as soon as I was there they all tried
to murder me)
-When you target one, all of the rest on screen will attack. And any other you come across will join the fight.
-They are easy to outrun but they sometimes get in the way of
quests. (Preventing you from potentionally completing the quest)

Well all I got to say is I tried Insane mode and both a Verdant and Elder showed up near Gram's labatory. So when I needed some space to fight... they came after me. I guess I'll try placing walls around the outpost. That way they can't kill me and I'll have room to fight.

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Uh... yes? Did you expect anything less from INSANE mode? XD

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Pro tip: floors prevent creature spawns, and all creatures spawn on a specific tile. So if you have a sense of where that creature came from, slap some floors down and come back later.

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