2 eggs of one creature

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I was farming Vomma's to get one of their eggs but I didn't get any after 3 hours, so I checked the crashlands wiki on eggs to see if I was doing something wrong. There I read that you can only have one egg of each kind. However, I've found 2 Wompit eggs. Here's a screenshot:


Perhaps I can't get any Vomma eggs because of this, but perhaps it has nothing to do with it. Has anyone got this problem and if so can they clarify this for me? Thanks in advance.

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I also have 2 Wompits. It's the only egg I can get to drop...

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It's a random glitch that no one can find to fix. But take your extra Wompit and love him/her just as much as your first, and keep looking for that Vomma egg because you will find it. You should have a better drop chance from a larger creature, I'm not sure if Seth (or Shi) managed to put a cap on it - the theory was that after a certain time with no egg drop your chances were 100% and you would definitely get one. Just keep slicing away and you'll get there eventually.

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