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Title says it all. I'm playing on Mac and using my SteelSeries Nimbus bluetooth gamepad. I looked through all the game settings and don't see anything that looks like it could solve my problem. And I've searched the forums (and Google) to no avail.
Please help alleviate my gamepad control woes!

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@bscotchseth (@BscotchShi) is this a coding issue maybe? I know there was a thing about bluetooth problems when game controllers were initially introduced.

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I'm still having this problem.
Are there any other suggestions/fixes/answers?? Not that I don't appreciate MeaKitty's response. Just that I don't know what a "coding issue" is—or how to fix it (if there even is a fix).

I would really love to play Crashlands again.


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Well, since we're mods, we don't have access to the back end/game code and so on, so we can only make wild guesses about the reasons it's broken.
My best guess is that your gamepad would count as the "generally supported" kind, but with issues. A while ago, they talked about how it's impossible to ensure a perfect compatibility with every single gamepad on Earth and you've probably fallen in the not perfectly compatible zone.

From there on, I see two solutions:
- If you haven't already, try submitting a ticket, starting from Bscotch Support section. Thing is, it may not be fixed (or not before a while) if it takes a lot of time to fix (they're a small company, so sinking hours of work on a fix for a few people may not be worth it)
- The second solution involves a gamepad remapper software. I'm not knowledgeable in the software side of it, but there should be some stuff that allow you to either change actions associated with buttons (try reversing up and down) OR to emulate a Xbox gamepad (or similar) so that it works for you.

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