Cannot find hotblooded Gulanti (for essence)

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Hi all,
I am at the end of the game and I have left only the Megagong quest and my last pet to grow to epic size ( a Gulanti ) However, I cannot find anywhere the hotblooded Gulanti for his essence ( I have only one out of 3 needed ). I went all over their spawn points (the blue tiles), tried killing all of them hoping that at least one would respawn as a Hotblooded, but no luck.....does anyone have a suggestion on where/how to track one or where did you find them (like the extreme south of the map, near some landmark etc). Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!!!

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The further you go from your starting point the better the chances to find them.
I think that creatures work as anything else in the game world, meaning it respawns on a timer, so if you find one, put a sign there and come back a bit later. But that also means killing smaller ones won't get you a bigger one.

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