May a recipe have not been added to Hardcore Mode?

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Hi, i'm at the end of Hardcore mode, before last fight, and I have all recipes but one. Is the recipe of the Slowball Machine, a device crafted in the Tumbler. The components are Karboan and Meltor, both gotten from the Slurrifier, and Slurb electrucus, gotten from a domesticated Slurb. Since none of the components can be obtained deconstructing resources from the world and I have already killed all 9 bosses I wonder if it is possible that this recipe has been forgotten when creating the Hardcore Mode. Has anyone found this recipe? Can you guys from BS shed light on the matter?

Thanks and best regards.

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Hey Dude,

the best way to tell this the developers is contacting them here:

They may read the forums but they won't do it every day. The answer will take a week - or maybe two. But it could be a usefull question. I played a lot of hardcore. But I never tried to get all reciepes.

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