I'm stuck: dark whispers master of toxin quest

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The quest got Finished line, but i don't know where to actually finish it.
Baakfleep said ..'old place far in the east.. only open at night..' i've searched a lot still no clue.
Pls halp..

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I'm stuck too. And its saying the same thing that its finished but don't know how to complete it. Help!

Edit: Holy sh*t. I just found it. Go to the Dilapidated Shrine but only at night.
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I am currently stuck on this quest as well. The mission log marked finished but i have not even found the dilapidate shrine yet. I did go to the yellow marker on the map for the dilapidated shrine but found nothing there and I went at night. Is this a bug? Pls help me. Thanks
ps: nevermind i found it. it was at the edge of the circle marker :D

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It can be anywhere inside the area marker. That goes the same as all other are markers. More realism i guess.

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