Oddly Crystal/Fossilized Skull (Legendary)

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Ive only just got the giant bone helm.
I managed to get the skull on the first big tartil i killed (i forget the actual name, the 3rd smallest one). The problem i had was the egg to harvest from the pet, took me a few hundred tatrils until i manged to get it ._. Guess i was just unlucky for that drop.
Now to get the butterfly crystal >.<

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Yeah, the egg drops have a consistent rate (something that's already been changed for a future update, making it so larger creatures have a higher drop rate) and the crystal and skull are LEGENDARY items, meaning they're rarer then the rest. They do drop, it just take a little while that's all. Keep at it and you'll eventually find them.

Oddly Shaped Crystal = Dusk Crystals. Smash them. A lot of them.
Giant Fossilized Skull = Tartil Drop. Smash them too. Big ones.
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Hai is the clock piece in the bawg rare? I found it in my first half an hour in the Bawg. Idk if it's rare or not just asking.

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Yep! All the legendary items are super rare.

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I just got my crystal and skull, and man it felt awesome when they finally dropped :D

I was extra surprised when they dropped because I had read this thread beforehand and expected it would take much longer for them to drop :lol:

Now for the megagong!

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Mine droped from a taril

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@MinuteBean I have a sneaking, low-evidence suspicion that the odds are better if you smash farmed dusk crystals.

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I think they're the same lol.

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I got my GFS from the big tartil from the quest that involves maarlapool getting attacked by tartils and OSC from my 1050 dusk rock(crystal?)

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the crystal = dusk, fossilized skull = tartil

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