Oddly Crystal/Fossilized Skull (Legendary)

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So how many Legendary items are there I have the gloves and helm is there a away to get the 3 spiked drop again? :(

Edit I just got the drop :)

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As the message while loading says, "All but the smallest creatures can drop eggs"
This means,for example,that only Glidopus/Glidopus Matriarch will drop eggs,not a Glidopus Hatchling.(Sorry for possible spelling mistakes english isn't my first language)

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How strange,they seem pretty normal to me. Of the four that i have found,2 were found two times(in different saves) and without looking for them.
Except for the triple sawgrass blade,when i started looking for it i found it like after destroying 10 of sawgrass,super normal.

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