[Quest] Clicking with Klisst

All about Questing. Tips, tricks, and how to resolve problems. Likely contains spoilers. For fans of the game, do not treat this like a support system!
As the Help & Support posts say, we don't really use the forums for support for exactly that reason: it's super easy for stuff to get lost. There have been several patches since then, so it may very well be fixed already. I have no idea!

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I cant find Klisst i searched all over the marked area and theres none....i even searced the area around it.....how can i fix this if i dont fix it all my gard work will be gone and i have to restart...and i dont wanna do that PLS help
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@FuzzyLeaf (Quickly tagging you because I moved your post) Can you send a photo of your map and quest log for me so I can see what's going on?

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