[question] Grandest city quest not completeing

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When I look at the quest log it just says Hoover up sirixniax and I did but now the quest will not finished. Any one have a solution

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Did you get every last item and floor tile?

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I also have the same issue: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=15plqb9&s=9

After rereading MeaKitty's post I realized the issue, to pick up the floor tiles first select the flooring category in build mode.
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Also, please Force Sync your saves so you get the fix for that.

You have to hoover everything (already answered). But before you had to get EVERYTHING. With fix you have to get EVERYTHING-1 :)

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I'm still having trouble with this mission. I'm playing on my phone and was hoping this would be resolved on the last update, but it still seems bugged for me.

I've picked up everything I can and exchanged the floor tile underneath sirix, but the quest is still unfinished.

I've also tried to sync my saved file to no avail. Any other tips? Thanks!

Here's a pic of what it looks like in my game:


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Did you try turning it in? It might be finished even if it isn't marked that way.

All those items have to be in your inventory in order to turn the quest in. So if you recycled or placed the items in the world, you'll have to rebuild/collect them.

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That worked! I had placed the lamps from Sirixinax in the Tundra and after picking them up was able to advance the quest! My completionist/OCD behaviour thanks you!

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I was wondering if anyone could help me with the list of resources because I most likely used them. I didnt really care about these small quests but now that I only have this quest and the mega gong quest I really need help.

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