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Stuck on Quest: "Mindful Meditations" (Gaaby's Drawing)

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Gaaby says there's a "device that disabled that tech at an outpost far too the Southwest 'o here..."

Gaaby directs me to "get one of them vanity holograms Hewgo puts up..."

Jukebox then says, "Your suit should be able to suck it up with Build Mode, Flux. Give it a go!"

Don't know what to do or where to go. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Well to find the thing you are looking for you need to do just what Gaaby said to.. Go southwest until you hit the outpost. You can also check your map as I am sure there is a ring around the area you need to go.

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Yeah, I found the Wobbler Ruins and Golden Key chest ages ago. (The Wobbler Ruins is the only yellow circle on my map, and I've uncovered *a lot* of the map...)

However, I don't have the golden key and haven't received a quest to get a golden key.

Any help on where to find a golden key? Thanks.

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... Did you suck up one of the holograms? That's what you need to have in your inventory to turn in the quest.

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What's totally unclear and sucks about this quest is that if you are in floor mode, then it doesn't work. That was confusing to the point that the quest should probably just be removed, unless it can be removed in floor mode as well. I see a lot of posts about this particular quest.

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