Jak's Eyes (Shock Tactics)

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I seem to be having a little trouble with this quest, it says to place them at specific locations, but the quest does not complete when i come back to Jak.
I fiddled with it for more than half an hour and still doesn't work.
Any help?

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This is probably due to the difference between the coded definition of an Outpost - a place like Toochoochooinax - and the perceived definition of said outpost. The game only counts items as "IN" the outpost if they are placed on the tiles that we built the outpost with. For some of the more open-air outposts, or ones that don't have an easily defined and obvious perimeter or landed somewhere where that perimeter was lost due to the environment it can be easy to not get the placement right.

I'd check if your eye in the Conspicuous outpost is in the building, the toochoochooinax one is in town, and the secret meeting place is inside the building as well!

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Hello what happens is that I speak Spanish and I understand more or less the English but I go on the mission (shock tactics = stealing thunder) and I do not know what to do please tell me as soon as possible thanks. :) :bslogo: :blush:

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