What quest is the EMG quest(SOLVED)

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OK so I have beaten crashlands but I can't find the EMG quest. Does anyone know what the quest is called or where to get it?

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EMG? Can you please explain what that means lol?

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The emg is a boss fight in the tundra

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The EMG Boss is in a castle, and is the 3rd step of a quest about rumblings of some sort on the Tundra. You will goto 2 spots first and strike a pyramid stone, and the 3rd stone is the EMG castle. The quest comes from either the Central Pod or the HQ, towards the end of the game when I think Tchika asks for you to reunite the last remaining members of the pod. Forgot the names of the last 3 NPC's, but they were far to the Northeast on my map, working on recording historical songs for the pod. Maybe Tchika (or HQ) is waiting on completion of something previous 1st from you, if you haven't been given this next to the last quest

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