Extra Eggs?!

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Ok,so lately I was just walking around and killing random enemies and out of nowhere I got extra an extra wat egg.2 days after that I got an extra gulanti egg.Is this somewhat normal? Or if I incubate it will it break my game?
Please help.

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You're game is fine. While I'm not 100% sure what causes it, I know it's not fatal sothere is no need to worry about the egg hatching some demented creature that crashes your game. All it will do is hatch a second Wat. It's not uncommon and is pretty rad. And as there are no no downsides to it at all i'd say hatch it and get yourself another Wat. Personally I think it'd be cool to make it a feature and allow for pets to have stats! For now though It's just a way to have another awesome pet at your side.

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