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Where is the Lumphz especial miission un the Bawg?

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I unlocked a special mission in the Bawg by defeating Lumphz in Towel fight 2 bit I don't know where to get the mission

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But finding the start point is half the fun :-) Still, if you'd rather just get straight to it,

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When you have finished the quest line, do you automatically receive Bubbler? I've unlocked the perk and finished all bawg quests, but no one in Ooxinax is handing out new quests and neither do I have the Bubbler item

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I don't think you get the bubbler but you get 2 zugardian essence. :brubus: :brubus:

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Thanks for your answer. But are you sure about this? If so, how can I obtain the bubbler?

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