I have a problem with the tiles Sirimax's and the Evil Eyes

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I don't can remove this tile for finish the quest "The Grandest City"


And... I don't have Evil Eyes and I not can complete the quest of Jak.... I want know if I can craft the Evil Eyes? ¿In which workstation?

I need know the probability of who a Satgat dropping a Satgat Chemoreceptor. I need few and I don't can obtain nothing.

Sorry for stack my questions and not specify much.

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We reduced the requirement by one, so you should be fine as long as you still have all the other components.

Jak should have given you 3 evil eyes. You can also craft them, but the recipe comes from a Savanna boss.

Those are both side quests, so you can do them later. If there is an actual bug, going to the main menu and back should fix it.

Chemoreceptor rates are low, I think more likely from larger satgats.

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What is the workstation where I can create the Evil Eyes? and, ¿What is the mision for obtain the recipe?

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They are gotten by beating Baary Cult fight and crafted at the Crystal Kiln.

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