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So, for reasons, the quest actually requires that you possess, on hand, 2 holograms.

Do you have two holograms? You should also have one from the previous quest. If you put both in your inventory at once and speak to Jak that oughta do it.

Let me know if it goes!

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I sooo wanted to Jump for Joy when I finally saw the quest status change to FINISHED!

BUT .... Jak still refuse to talk to me. :(

Just to share IF anyone else is facing the same weird bug, You've gotto go back to Ruinpost 347 with the TWO Holograms in hand to trigger Juicebox to complete the quest. Only then Jak will talk to you.

SO the bug is resolved! Thanks to the Butterscotch folks and to @bscotchsam for your help. Much appreciated. :D :D :D :D

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i have both holograms, i tried replacing them in g.h.q, rp147 and 347, but nothing :(. i think only the BS can help. i did all you say, nothing. i want to finish the quest. i want to upload 5 screenshots but i cant get theimage message boards. any help?
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I turned the other one to Jak, now what do I do? ;-; @bscotchsam

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Was this one of the things you could pick up again from the build menu and move/take with you in order to complete the quest?

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I had the same thing happen, and I finally triggered the completion by returning to ruin post 347 during the day when the crabs were asleep. Juicebox started talking to me, and said to return to Jak. After that, he moved the quest to the next stage.

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