The MegaGong problem!

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Only thing (obvious) is that you need to get in each biome to get each Gong. Other than that, nothing we can do about your bad luck :/

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The wobblygong was tough. The jackagong i got within minutes of going to the bawg and farming for it after wobblygong. :highfive: im just stuck on bonkagong now. Doin' so much fishin'!!

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Do you have to use a certain fishing line to get each gong

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I know the lure trinket helps and that one pet perk helps with the chances. (And using the chembomber or fish magnet can also reveal a gong) but I haven't heard anyone say, and I've been wondering anyway...

Does the turbo fish bait power (from those random yellow statues throughout the biomes) in addition to the lure and pet perk ALSO increase the chances!?

I was always wondering even before the gong... Does the turbo bait power stack with the lure trinket and even the chem bomber/fish magnet?

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I had My Wobblygong right after i made my first Fishing Pole(Basically a Lvl.1 Rod) then i git my Bonkagong Randomly in my Farm with Hopes of Getting it.I'm Just Needing the Last One.Jackagong.Very Hard to Get Aswell but i'm Getting to it.Unfortunately i'm Getting Bored of Getting the last Gong but i'm trying to Persuade myself.I hope i get it soon. :bslogo:

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