Codewall and Old Thresher Camp

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I've been looking for the location with the Codewall for over an hour and no luck. I didn't pay attention when and where I got the quest so I tried all the area moderately close to the new camp. I'd be grateful for any help.

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You should take a look at your Quest Log/Compendium. That may help. That and the map, that usually shows where you have to go :)
I can't help you for this precise quest though :/

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I am having the same problem. If you fail to pick up the codewall before you leave the area or fail to mark the location, there is nothing to help you find it later.

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Look on the map for an almost circular/rounded diamond/maple leaf/tilted G shaped strip of water in a dark section. Should have a small break in the lower right. The old thresher camp is on that almost island.

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