Where to Get Pressure Cooker Recipe?

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I'm stuck at the quest titled "special delivery". I do not have the recipe for building a pressure cooker so i cannot make the potions to complete the quest. All my other quests require equipment i do not have, like the tier 3 fishing rod and the next workstation. Is this a bug? Help?

Edit: Hey, thanks for the reply. No, I have checked my workstations, no recipe. I looked at the map and teleoprted to all locations with npcs to check on the spot, no recipe either. Doea anyone knoe where exactly the pressure cooker recipe drops so I can confirm if this is a bug?

Edit 2: it appeared in the shredbasket. I must have been hallucinating.
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Did you check all your crafting stations, and the map in case you just didn't collect the recipe? (I don't think it's a dropped one but I don't remember).

I've seen similar problems once in a while and usually the user just missed the item?

Otherwise you might have missed a quest, but normally, the main quest gives you everything you need, and secondary quest give you what you need to do the quest, so it shouldn't be possible to really lack the recipe.

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