missing one chemworks recipe with pictures please help

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I have 540 out of 541 recipes and the only quest i havent done is the last boss fight with hewgo. I really want to be the game with everything done. I know i can keep playing but what if its some cool item i wanna hit hewgo with? I have every recipe i saw on station wiki page but it shows one missing so i assume it was a new quest added i just dont know how to activate it. I dont remember doing the tack jones, but i dont know how to start it, is my game bugged?

couldnt get the image thing to work but here is a url to my steam screenshots
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You can continue playing after you beat Hewgo, so there's nothing to worry about there. You can link to offsite images, e.g. after uploading them on [url]imgur.com[/url].

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If you are going by the wiki, you may be missing the "Jar of Joom" for the Squathe. Squable is currently listed under both Chemworks and Squathe throwing the counts off. I believe the Jar of Joom is a "newish" recipe but don't remember the details right now.

Update: Yep, antimony is right. Next time I'll wait for the picture. :dealwithit:
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i think the schematic youre missing is the chitin floor. im fairly certain its a random drop, so just run around the savanna killing stuff with gulanti's treasure hunting

if youve already beat almost everything but still dont have it, its possible you got the schematic but didnt pick it up

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