Stuck on glidopus egg

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Hi guys,

I've read all the forum posts and searched reddit but I think something is wrong with my game

I've killed at least 250 verdant glidopus, way more than 500 regulars, plenty of the epic sized ones and I'm up to 4000 glidopus parts but the egg won't drop, meaning I can't progress the storyline on Bawg. Really enjoying the game but have been stuck now for over a week purely farming glidopus.

I have checked so far:

1) the egg might have dropped just after i died once but can't see any eggs on the map
2) it's not in my inventory
3) it's not saved in any work station

I don't know what else to do other than re install on a new save, i have been playing so long that every other pet in my level has dropped over a week ago but this one just -wont-.

If there's any other suggestions or help please let me know before I start the game from scratch !?

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Hit up, because that's pretty weird. If your save is in the cloud we ought to be able to pull it down to take a look.

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