Help. Ive lost an item

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Help... i hace lost my gold bait snare and cannot complete quest snaring is caring.. what are my opyions

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Where did you last see it? Have you checked behind the couch? Under the sofa? Behind the refrigerator?

I'm pretty sure that's one of the items you can craft more than once, so if you really can't find where you put it (and you've definitely checked your inventory by clicking on the item in the crafting table and seeing how many you have on you?) you can try making another?

Or submit a bug problem to with the appropriate boxes set to "I have a problem" and give as many details of the issue as you can so Seth and Shi can find it.

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The snare is given to you, and I don't think it's craftable. It's very short, so it's easy to put it down on a tile that is partially obscured by something in front of it, and then not be able to see it! Go into build mode wherever you might have put it down to see if you can spot it. Otherwise it should be in your inventory -- so double-check that!

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