Vacuhelm quest not starting

All about Questing. Tips, tricks, and how to resolve problems. Likely contains spoilers. For fans of the game, do not treat this like a support system!
Cannot start the quest to get the vacuhelm.
I finished all missions apart from the last. Have the best equipment apart from the megagong. Am I missing something?
Completed flop rocket, Towelfight and Roid rampage.
Buttered up every single game.
Perk says 100%, but quest does not activate.

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Ugh, suggest rebooting the game and restarting it. If that doesn't work reboot the device and restart. And beyond that head to and chose the "something is DEFINITELY broken" option and submit a bug report for them to look at. Chances are you're just missing something but I couldn't tell you what, sounds like you've looked everywhere if you're completed the other games (though technically FR and RR have no end so... I call shenanigans on that one!), it's probably just a matter of something not registering to kick off the quest, so bug report it and someone will check it out when they can.

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