Extremely vague or impossible to complete quests

All about Questing. Tips, tricks, and how to resolve problems. Likely contains spoilers. For fans of the game, do not treat this like a support system!
So I enjoyed this game quite a bit till I got to the bawg. I keep getting stuck on quests that are extremely vague and have resorted to watching people on youtube play through for hours to figure it out. For example Jak's eyes, place an eye at 3 outposts done, easy right? Except I never got the eyes, and now it is impossible to complete. Another quest in Savannah I had to make a fireproofing elixir, except I never got the recipe, again impossible to complete.

I'm very frustrated by this game I think it needs some work to make the quest objectives clearer in some cases.

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Sorry that those quests have been trouble for you (and for the lateness of this reply)! We cleaned up the quests with feedback from our beta tests and after the first few months post-launch, but I'm sure there is stuff that could still be made more clear. When there are specific instances of vague/confusing questing, please send us a support ticket with as many details as you can.


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