Questing Troubles

Having some trouble with Crashlands? You aren't the only one!
Confused about how to find/finish a quest? Think that you found a real bug in a quest? It's all but guaranteed that someone else has had the same trouble, and had that question asked and answered already!

To find the answer, do a search on the Crashlands subreddit first, since that's where most of the action is. The answer is likely also in the Crashlands Quests subforum here. In all cases SEARCH FIRST, use smart keywords (like different combinations of character and quest names), and if you can't find the answer take your time to write a very clearly-titled and explained new post. Remember, the answers will mostly come from other players and none of them have to answer: treat them kindly!

Finally, if you end up pretty confident that there is a real problem, read through the Gameplay Troubles post to find out what to do.

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