Gameplay Troubles

Having some trouble with Crashlands? You aren't the only one!
Having trouble doing something in the game? Think that you found an actual bug? It's all but guaranteed that someone else has had the same trouble and made us aware of it, so help us help you by not wasting your time or ours ;)

Before you do anything else, do the following:

1. Make sure you are on the latest version of the game. We submit bugfix patches fairly frequently, so your issue might already be addressed!

2. Make sure you have up-to-date software, drivers, and operating system.

3. Put your save in the BscotchID Cloud. That way it'll be safe while you troubleshoot.

4. Make sure you are not running any hacking software. We've heard several cases of hacking software caused corrupted save files. We can't help you in that case.

5. Make sure you are using a legitimate version of the game. Pirated versions use additional software to allow them to work, and that software can mess with the proper function of the game. Plus they are usually out of date. Obviously, we don't support pirated versions!

If the problem persists after you do all the above:

1. Search the Crashlands subreddit and the subforums here (look in all relevant subforums!). Most reported "bugs" aren't actually bugs, they're just minor confusion about how to do something. Someone else probably had the same confusion already and asked about it.

2. If you don't find the answer, head over to Discord (to the #bscotch-games channel) and leave a friendly, concise, and completely clear post asking your fellow players for help. Remember, they don't have to help you, so be kind.

3. If, after all this, you are confident that you have discovered a bug that the devs aren't aware of, submit a Bug Report.

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