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Hey everyone!

Since Butterscotch Shenanigans will soon have a Game Mechanic, we will soon have updates on the current games. WHICH IS NICE.

If you have anything you would like to see at some point in a Quadropus Rampage, you can ask/suggest it here! :)

Please stay on-topic so it can actually be useful to everyone.
Please also take a quick look before asking/suggesting a feature
If you want to discuss an idea more in-depth, a dedicated topic would be preferred.

Longsdaelite mode
Some kind of "Hardcore mode" that you can activate on any profile.
All the upgrades and perks bonuses are deactivated, making it similar to a new game on a guest save EXCEPT you can unlock perks (Ex: Reach 300m in Longsdaelite mode) and score on leaderboards (and brag about your skill)


[Edit by @bscotchAdam: Note that the Game Mechanic (and the devs in general) will not necessarily do any of these things, since we also have our own ideas. But we'll take a look from time to time and evaluate the merits of cool ideas!]

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(1) Highlight enemy projectiles. Anything will do: strong outlines, blinking, strange lighting, shadows. Just make those stand out amidst the crowd. Eels are the deadliest enemy of this game, so much so I have to use the bullet-eating pet to survive significantly longer.

(2) Make holes a little less prone to falling. The thing is, the perception of the size of the hole and the falling area seems to be a bit off on holes but not on the edges. I have no idea why, and it may be just me, but I'm always falling on those holes. Even though learning how to fly mostly fixed this, it still happens.

(3) Soooooo, I know it has been answered quite a bit before, but since the answer was about not being cost-effective, I'll throw it again: controller support! I know you guys put a lot of effort on the current controls and people can beat Pete's Reckoning with it, so it works very well. But! There were instances that finger slipping caused death on the game, for the fact that it requires quick actions and you are prone to let the phone slip a little, which messes up all the positions of the buttons.

On Android, there seems to be a serious fragmentation problem (Android dev so I know how it feels) on the controller side, and GameMaker doesn't seem to be helping either. I don't know how things changed in these few months. Google I/O is coming, so maybe there will be favorable news. If anything, I hope this VR fad will come with strong controller standardisation on all platforms.

On iOS, I suppose it is better because of the MFi regulation, so the buttons are standardised, and I suspect the APIs are as well. Which means most likely all controllers that don't work properly are to fault rather than the game devs. It would be a much better proposition if it also worked on the Apple TV (a useless store at the moment, I know), but it probably won't happen because it requires to work with the remote, which is totally unfit for gaming (unless your game only requires taps and swipes on non-specific parts of the screen, or has only three/four buttons, like Downwell).

I could be an idea for Quadropus 2, perhaps. It is certainly not critical, probably won't convince unwilling people to buy it, and the promotional nature of it seems to be very weak. However, if done, may make the game more awesome for the people that have it already. And if Quadropus 2 is meant to go to Steam, it may cut down the number of angry fellas. The know-how may be quite useful for the future, and Quadropus is the most controller fit game of your repertoire (not Crashlands!).

For me, it won't matter for a while, for I don't have one yet. But there's this small, but increasing list, of games that getting to my nerves for having virtual controls on the screen, because, no matter how good they feel or play, they tend to slip and make your fingers really ache after an hour or so (e.g. Implosion, Downwell). And there are those whose virtual controls are just too much (e.g. Final Fantasy VII, console ports in general). So I'm totally buying one soon.

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More Bingo related masteries
Full Power Bingo-Discover all Bingo artifacts
Perk 1-Each Bingo kill increases yours and Bingo's damage by 5% for current depth(bonus lost on new depth)
Perk 2-Find Bingo related artifact more frequently

Also add a back scratcher weapon type

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I suggest an indication for when your bubble is about to run out.

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What about some small bonus for each Bingo's skins?
A bit like what happened with Interns in Roid Rage :)

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Another suggestion is a working global leaderboard.

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1) mabey this will never happen and if it does it probably wont happen for some time but multiplayer would be fun for this game
2) skins for your quadapus, bingo already has skins but i want skins for my qaudapus

3) wepeon skins, skins for wepeons suck as a laser tennis racket instead of the normal one

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Maybe a boss mode for people who have defeated pete in all modes so they can fight him again. I never get to hear his witty insults now.

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^ Random OP Pete appearances for @Thecactigod ... just Cacti. NO one else. Only when you're logged in on his Bscotch ID do you get randomly thwapped by an immortal PeteyPie.

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It's probably baked in pretty deep and hard to change, but I've found after playing a few different iOS games on the ipad that it is much more natural to not have a specific spot on the screen for the trackpad. Dungeon Hunter 5, Bleach Brave Souls, and other such games use a much more intuitive system where you just put your grubby thumbs wherever you want and it notices which way you're dragging. That feels intuitive and natural to me, but that experience has made Quadropus Rampage really hard to play by comparison as I tend to walk off ledges a lot until I relearn to stick to my little trackpad bubble.

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