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So, I beat the game (killed all three Petes, got all masteries, etc.) And I'm kinda sitting on a bunch of orbs, I was wondering if there will be any new updates, especially ones which add new upgrades, because I'm debating converting all of my orbs to doubloons or buying the useless pets I don't need. I've already converted maybe 200000 to doubloons, but I'm kinda nervous that if I convert any more, and a new update comes out, I'll have to grind for more orbs again.

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Hey there! The game will be updated eventually. Currently the Devs are hiring someone to do work just like this and make all those older games sparkly and new and MORE AWESOME. So you are just going to have to sit tight and hold on to your phat stack of doubloons, but I can confidently say one day you will have use for them again!

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If you have any suggestions for the game you can send it here viewtopic.php?f=49&t=4640

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