What made you decide to Butter Up?

Be a quadropus. Go on a rampage. And then talk about said rampage in this forum!
I myself decided to Butter Up with "Quadropus Rampage", which I previously loved before the Butter Up system was added, in part because I fell in love with Butterscotch Shenanigans' later-released "Crashlands". At which point did the rest of you decide you needed to Butter Up?

By the way, apparently Buttering Up doesn't mean covering your hands in grease. This doesn't make you better at the game - it doesn't make Tack more powerful - and it just makes your iDevice harder to hold, and is a generally unpleasant experience. However - not yet deterred - I realized there must be a way to make everything better, and it clearly involved buttering something up.

I next called Tack and Pete and tried to convince them to butter themselves up, realizing that they - unlike myself - were actually inside the game. It wasn't easy, but after some coaxing - and promising everyone a batch of fresh cookies - we finally got them both to butter up. This didn't make their fight more epic, it instead made all of their attacks harmlessly slide off each other.

After the most disappointing climatic final-showdown ever, we horrifyingly realized they'd managed to get butter everywhere. They'd even got butter up on the ceiling, which was especially impressive after Pete pointed out this shouldn't even be possible as there's no ceiling underwater. Finally - when all hope seemed lost - Grubby showed up to explain that this buttering up referred to sweet-sweet cash, his favorite thing, rather than physical butter.

Ergo - now fully embarrassed - I was finally able to butter up successfully, although Tack and Pete aren't talking to me anymore (I can hardly say that I blame them).

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